Table of Contents


I. Foundation of the Big Bang Model

I.I.  A Philosophical Review OF THE Big Bang Theory IS WARRANTED

I.II. How the Big Bang Theory Dodges the Reader into believing that it is based on Real Observations?

I.III. Doppler’s Effect was Not the reason of Redshifts in Light coming from far off Galaxies

I.IV. In 1931, Lemaître Suppressed Crucial Facts by Publishing Manipulated Translation of his own 1927 Article

I.V. Without using Doppler’s Shift Data and without knowing about Cosmological Redshift, Friedmann had already reached to the concept of Expanding Universe. How?

I.VI. Concept of ‘Initial Singularity’ of Modern Big Bang Cosmology has been derived from Incorrect Understanding of Friedmann’s Model

I.VII. Expansion of Space

I.VIII. Differences of Friedmann and Lemaître

I.IX. Why after 1929, Scientific Community Misread ‘Redshift-Distance Relationship’ found by Hubble as ‘Velocity-Distance Relationship’?

II. Observational Support

II.I. Cosmological Redshift

II.I.I. Alternative Explanation of Cosmological Redshift

II.I.I.I. Examples of Redshift-Distance Relationship in Nature

II.I.I.II. Why Standard Model Assumes that Light Could Not Follow Simple Natural Pattern?

II.I.I.III. Huygens Principle – the underlying reason of Cosmological Redshifts

II.I.I.IV. Alternative Explanation of the ‘Accelerating Rate of Expanding Universe’

II.II. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR)

II.II.I. Alternative Explanation of the ‘CMBR’