Adding images to Postgresql through simple MS Access forms

It seems like there is no simple method for doing this task. Postgresql’s ‘bytea’ datatype field is resolved in MS Access linked table as ‘binary’ where simple image uploading method is not even available. There are also reports that already saved images in Postgresql are not resolved as images in the linked ‘binary’ field of MS Access forms and reports.

Adding images to postgresql database is also not cost effective. For the moderate number of images to be added through the application, it is better to make local MS Access tables for images by using ‘attachment’ data type. Thus, for images/documents etc. it is better to make local MS Access field (attachment). Image data will reside on local MS Access. All other data would reside in Postgresql server. It will be better for server resources and cost will not pile up for cloud due to images. Retrieval of images being local will also be fast.

Author: Magellanic Cloud

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