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E-book Free to download up to 13-06-2018

The E-book “A Philosophical Rejection of the Big Bang Theory” is free to download up to June 13, 2018:n3cover

Important Points:

  • Claim that Friedmann’s equations (1922) already accounted for Hubble’s Law (to be found by Edwin Hubble in year 1929) is incorrect claim.
  • It is true that Lemaître knew Hubble’s Law in year 1927.
  • It is NOT true that in year 1927, Lemaître had derived Hubble’s Law from GR Equations.
  • Lemaître had originally learned the method of finding Hubble’s Law from Hubble himself. He mentioned this fact in his original 1927 (French) paper.
  • In year 1931, Lemaître published English Translation of his early 1927 (French) paper in a renowned journal with the help of Arthur Eddington. In the translation, reference to Edwin Hubble was omitted. Translated article was showing as if Lemaître had derived Hubble Law from GR equations in year 1927 whereas Hubble himself could announce this law in year 1929.
  • In year 1929, Edwin Hubble announced Hubble Law but he did not relate it with idea of ‘expanding universe’.
  • Redshift measurements of far off galaxies were underway since year 1912 but idea of ‘expanding universe’ did not start from redshifts data.
  • Original GR Equations had no ‘prediction’ of ‘contracting’ or ‘expanding’ universe.
  • Only the idea of ‘contracting’ or ‘collapsing’ universe was feared by Einsten in year 1917 out of his (non equations based) commonsense guess of a finite universe. With the view to stop universe from ‘collapsing’, he arbitrarily added ‘Cosmological Constant’ in equations. By that time data of almost 25 redshifted galaxies was available but there was no idea of Expanding Universe even in the mind of Einstein.
  • Idea of Expanding Universe was first time introduced by Alexander Friedmann in year 1922. This idea arrived solely from manipulating ‘Cosmological Constant’. This idea of ‘expanding universe’ had no relation with available data of redshifted galaxies. Alexander Friedmann did not even consider or discuss data of redshifted galaxies.
  • It was Lemaître who first time related data of redshifted galaxies with the idea of ‘expanding universe’.
  • What Edwin Hubble had found was that galactic redshifts were not Doppler’s Redshifts but were ‘Cosmological Redshifts’.
  • Unlike Doppler’s Redshift, ‘Cosmological Redshift’ is not the proof of receding objects. Hence, idea of ‘expanding universe’ is without any observational basis.
  • Big Bang Cosmologists have only mathematical proof in support of their theory. It is ‘FLRW’ metric. But this is dubious mathematics because it attributes those things to Friedmann and Lemaître which they did not know themselves.
  • Actual reason of ‘Cosmological Redshifts’ is ‘Huygens Principle’. Universe is not expanding. Light itself is not able to cover far off distances without redshifting. ‘Cosmic Expansion’ is only an illusion.
  • Standard Model has ‘explanation’ of CMBR only within the context of an ‘expanding universe’. If Universe is not expanding then Standard Model has no explanation of CMBR whatsoever.
  • CMBR is actually a proof that we are living in an infinite size universe.